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Hi beautiful! Are you fighting anxiety too? Let’s chat!

It’s overwhelming having to manage panic attacks while handling day-to-day responsibilities, taking care of our families and needs at home, and working every day.

Dealing with muscle tension, hot and cold flashes, shortness of breath, and a chest as hot as a heating pad can be frustrating beyond belief!

Sometimes there is no rhyme or reason why the attacks come and go leaving us with a roller coaster of emotions and all we can do is keep trying to push through them when we want to throw our hands up in the air and quit.

Medication side effects can make life even more difficult!

Facing constant fatigue and tiredness from sleepless nights and constant worry, leaving us feeling like we have no energy or focus to accomplish even the simplest of tasks in our day.

We feel ashamed, embarrassed and guilty because our frustrations, irritability, short temperedness and defensive behavior are taken out on the ones we love the most.

As a woman living with anxiety, I’ve had to make some big changes in my life in order to control this beast of a disorder. And to be honest, it feels really weird to even call it that. Me… with a disorder? That is so hard to wrap my mind around.

And while I ignored it for such a long time, it’s been the in the past three years that I’ve decided to take control of my health after realizing how addicted I was trying to cope with my roller coaster of emotions with adderall and other pharmaceutical drugs and even trying to lean too much on my husband rather than focusing on my relationship with Christ to set me free.

So, after reaching out to a friend who had a similar story, I decided I could either A) give up on my dreams of living a better life or B) come back swinging and do something about the situation I was in.

So, what was the solution? I decided to take small steps. Afterall, small steps over time lead to big changes. Plus, it was the only way to keep my panic attacks from going haywire.

I focused on my fitness journey first which ultimately led me to the belief and self confidence I needed. From there I was able to focus on improving my nutrition and relieving my anxiety naturally.

I am looking for SERIOUS and MOTIVATED women who are interested in taking the first step towards crafting the life of their dreams!

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