FOR women struggling with anxiety who are overwhelmed and stressed out in everyday responsibilities 

THAT FEEL like we are stuck accepting the paralyzing feeling of panic attacks brought on by a chronic cycle of constant overthinking, muscle tension and fatigue, shortness of breath, defensive behavior, and isolation leaving us feeling embarrassed and ashamed, especially towards our loved ones

JERNIGAN FITNESS promises to help you be stronger than anxiety by crafting every area of your life

BY OFFERING one-on-one support, plus a community of other women encouraging each other to be stronger than anxiety, who are looking for accountability, motivation to help each other achieve a healthier, balanced lifestyle from the comfort of your home – or wherever comfort finds you 🙂

BACKED BY a lifetime of letting anxiety control my life. Three years ago I decided to take the first steps to improving my health and overcame 8 years of adderall addiction by working out daily and eating healthy, all possible through the support of my husband and accountability group, all while building my faith while working everyday to live spiritually fit and confident – the ultimate craft life

TO ADDRESS THE NEED FOR women to know they don’t need to be stronger than anxiety alone

SINCE I UNDERSTAND that battling anxiety can be physically, spiritually and emotionally draining.

So, what do ya say.. ready to make a change? Craft Your Life Today!

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